it’s the story podcast

A podcast for entrepreneurs, innovators and startups. The Story hosts: Michael Andrews and Grayson Miller interview Canada's community of entrepreneurs and makers.


About the Podcast

It’s the Story Podcast is a series dedicated to highlighting 9 industry experts and entrepreneurs in Toronto. These guests carry exceptional acumen for their experience as CEO’s, restauranteurs, even Paralympians. The podcast narrows in specifically on the Toronto entrepreneur landscape for the city’s diverse and collaborative personality, a special nuance that fosters economic and cultural growth for Canada. Don’t forget to catch our exclusive 9-episode series, launching Friday, December 21 2018.



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Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews is addicted to talented people. It is through that addiction and the large network of awesome individuals he has met throughout his life, that this podcast came to be. His career has taken many paths over the years; once an Automotive Service Technician, Photographer for an online Motocross Magazine, founder of a ‘Lifestyle’ wholesale sales agency, and Director of Sales/Partner at a global jewelry and clothing line called Vitaly. Today, Michael is a proud new father and Custom Jeweller with his company, Jane Finch.


Grayson Miller

If you’re the type of person that gets into friendly debates with random people you just met, you’d probably get along with Grayson Miller. Born into the retail and fashion business, Grayson is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked and collaborated with some of the top brands on the planet. Today Grayson works in the media industry and has recently taken a role with cannabis company.