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Episode #9 - Justin Mob: Developing digital marketing services for Toronto surgeons and dentists

The art of the hustle is something Justin Mob knows well. His hard work and creative ways of solving problems have to lead to his early success. Grayson and Michael Sit down with Justin to discover how he started a digital company through pure hustle.

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Episode #8: Adam Weitner - Building your own studio and brand in Toronto

Creating your own studio is something that many people dream about but never get the chance to do. Michael and Grayson sit down with Adam Weitner founder of AstroLabs to get the ins and outs of the process of building your own studio and brand in Toronto

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Episode #6: Kevin Rempel: Growing your personal brand and social media with a Canadian Paralympian

How do you pick your self up after a disaster? How do you take your greatest pain and use it to fuel a new identity and business? Kevin Remple has the answers. Mikey and Grayson sit down with Paralympian Kevin Remple and learn about how an accident ended up being the catalyst for a new focused life, the driver behind change and the reason for starting a business.

“Be the hero of your own movie”

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Episode #3: George Sully - Starting a fashion label in Toronto

If you are an entrepreneur in Toronto you’ve likely run into someone who is starting their own fashion business. Mikey and Grayson sit down with George Sully co-founder of Sully Wong to discover the ins-and-outs of starting a fashion-based business in Toronto.

The truth about a successful fashion business lies in its branding and how it conveys brand identity to potential consumers. Take cues from George as he helps listeners navigate the treacherous path of forging your own fashion business in Toronto.

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Episode #2: Joe Ghost - Building a music name in Toronto as an artist

Becoming a DJ in Toronto is something that sounds glamorous and is probably pretty easy to get into. Right?  

Michael and Grayson sit down with prominent producer and DJ Joe Ghost to discover just how challenging it is to become a successful DJ and music maker in Toronto. It’s about sticking to your vision, making the right connections and believing in yourself.

Come along for the ride and learn how Joe Ghost got his start and how he turned a musical passion into a solid personal business.

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